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First published 24/03/2019

It’s an understandable question, and one most often asked by children facing the big issues - ‘But who made God?’ If we say there is an unseen deity behind the universe and everything that exists, where did he (or she or it) come from?  Who made God?

The problem with the question is that as soon as we try to imagine a ‘God-Creator’ we are launched on a journey which goes forever backwards - ‘Who then made that God?’ and so on.  Clearly any God who is made, is not the ultimate God.  The ultimate God is only the one who is at the root of absolutely everything.  Every other God we try to picture or imagine is a ‘lesser-God’.

Over sixty years ago, J.B.Phillips (famous for his translation of the New Testament) wrote an influential book with the title “Your God is too Small”.  He suggested that there are all sorts of ways in which we try to picture God - he’s like a parent, or the boss, or a royal figure, or Father Christmas - but all these are based on familiar images that we then expand to made ‘God-images’.  But none of them is adequate, they’re all too small!

One of the famous (and difficult) philosophical definitions of God is - ‘that than which nothing greater can be conceived’.  Thinking of the scale of the universe - which, with its billions of light years of distances, is completely beyond our being able to grasp - then God is even greater.  In every possible sense - God is greater.  And if we are still asking - but who made such a being, then we have not yet understood that God is beyond being created and is greater than any thought or imagination or theory.

There are two other very important things to notice here.  One is that we can easily be ‘God-makers’ ourselves!  The Bible says that God made mankind “in his own image”, in some sense like himself (Genesis 1, verse 27).  But we can easily turn that on its head and come to believe in a God who is like us, which misses the point entirely.

The second thing is that we do need to exercise our minds and imagination in trying to understand God, but we need to do that humbly, realising our human limitations, and also with an ear to Jesus.  “No one has ever seen God,” says John (Chapter 1, verse 18), “the only son (Jesus) has made him known.”

It is by seeing Jesus and listening to him that we discover the greatness of God and God’’s love.  Seeing God through Jesus we see not so much the vast overwhelming greatness of God, but the amazing greatness of God who comes very close with a love which is overwhelming and very personal.  At that point, the question about who made God fades into insignificance.

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Great and eternal God, greater than our minds can begin to grasp, help me to trust in your greatness, to know that all things are in your hands, and to receive the love you pour out in Jesus your Son, my Lord and Saviour.

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