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A lot of people fee really close to God
in nature
A friend arrives at your house with a gift: a plant they have grown themselves, or a cake they’ve made, and their 8-year-old child holds out a home-made birthday card for you. You would respond not only with thanks, but also with praise: "Wow, did you make that yourself...? How very clever of you. Thank you!"

Sometimes we want to tell those around us how special they are—not just because of what they have done, but because of who they are to us. This is giving worth to people in different ways, which is what worship is: giving it up to God for who he is, as well as what he’s done for us.

Worship is an important part of Christian life: "Not only our duty, but our joy," says the Church of England Prayer Book. Worship is a time when we spend time giving worth to God (not that he needs us to, but because we want to respond to him).

We may sometimes find it difficult to motivate ourselves to get started in worship, but the wonderful thing is that as we begin to give God our full attention, so he seems to come among us. It’s not that he isn’t there all the time; more that we become more aware of his continual presence with us in a different way.

Worship takes many forms, with each person finding some things more helpful than others. Music is only one part of worship—the two words aren’t interchangeable—and it doesn’t always have to take place on a Sunday, or in a church with others. A stunning sunset may remind us of what an amazing God we have, creator of the world, and trigger a moment of worship.

At a Sunday church service there will be different ways to worship. In some churches, there are formal words to be used, and you will be given a copy on arrival so that you can join in. Most churches will have some sort of music and singing, with traditional hymns or more contemporary songs accompanied by an organ, a piano or a mixture of instruments. Set prayers or a more informal type of prayer may be encouraged as a form of worship; reflective silence may be an equally valuable part of the time together.

Bible passages will be read, and usually someone will speak about the passage, explaining what it says to us today and challenging and encouraging us with it. This, in turn, will help us to respond again to God.

Christians try to worship God daily, rather than just on a Sunday—reading their Bibles and praying on their own or with a small group during the week; engaging with God as they go about their daily life; keeping a communication channel open to him.

Worship helps to keep God at the centre of our lives

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Pray: Lord, give me a sense of how amazing and enormous you are, and of what you have done for me, so that you might awaken in me a spontaneous desire to worship. I'm waiting to discover how worship can bring me into relationship with you. Amen.

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