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Why read the Bible?  

A constant source of delight

For a lot of people, any book a couple of inches thick—printed in small type on tissue-thin paper—is immediately off-putting.

Add in the fact that this one was written thousands of years ago, and you may soon start to itch, fidget and remember a pressing prior engagement!

But there are dozens of reasons why you should read the Bible. Here are just a few of them!

To get to know God: Reading about what God has done, and how he’s dealt with people over the millennia, is a fantastic way to get to know aspects of his extraordinary character. The ultimate test of anything said or written about God is to see if it’s true to his word. So by all means use other ways to learn about God—but always check back with the Bible.

To understand how to live a better life: The New Testament, particularly through the words of Jesus and Paul, give fantastic insight into how to live a simpler, better, less selfish life—and how to stay close to God.

To stay focused: Let’s face it, life is tough. It’s easy to get distracted from God, even when we know he actually makes life easier to manage! So a regular reading programme helps us stay right with him.

To stretch us: The Bible never ceases to inspire, challenge, and present ideas we never saw before—even the last time we read the same passage! Christianity is a faith that allows us to interpret, discuss, and even debate. So if you enjoy a good think, open the Bible!

To accept our own humanity: Some of the ‘heroes’ of the Bible—like Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and even Peter—did dreadful things; they lied, murdered, committed adultery, or let God down. Understanding God’s willingness to not only forgive them, but to let them serve him, glorify him and make a real mark on the world, helps us to have hope, despite our weaknesses.

To understand how we got to where we are: The Bible is the history book of the Christian faith. Understanding what’s gone before is a great help in understanding the present and what’s to come.

For pure enjoyment: Some books of the Bible are more difficult, but most are real page-turners! Read Genesis and Exodus; read the Gospels; read Acts. You won’t be disappointed!

Because God wants us to! Reading the Bible is part of our Christian life. In Matthew (NT), Jesus says: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

To discover the true character of Jesus: The old song goes, ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild’—but that rather wimpy image isn’t the Jesus I recognise from the Bible! Discover a man who was so much more: zealous, sociable, iconoclastic, compassionate, confrontational, angry, a good friend… well, find out for yourself! Read in his own words who, how and what he is.

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Pray: Lord, please give me a real hunger to know your word through the Bible. Amen.

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