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The circle of a ring represents eternity.

It’s always been my prayer that, because of my love and support, my husband is more than he would be without me.

If this is reciprocated, then together we are as effective and dynamic as four people, not just two!

Certainly, we’re not reduced to half each—which some people fear may happen in marriage.

In the best marriages, each person is free, even encouraged, to be themselves and to reach their potential even as the joy and togetherness of the couple is also demonstrated.

The Bible doesn’t teach us much about why we should get married; rather it assumes we already know. Even in the book of Genesis, Eve is referred to as Adam’s wife. It’s almost as if its ‘rightness’ is obvious!

The Bible says more about how we should act within marriage. However, it does detail the process of a man leaving his father and mother and being united with his wife. The Bible speaks of this unity as a profound mystery, in which sexual union has a special place—and in which the conceiving and raising of children is set.

Sex outside marriage is common in our society, and many seem to consider it ‘just a bit of fun’. However, you only have to look at how mixed-up we can get, and how many people are hurt by damaged relationships, to realise the significance of this intimate act.

Marriage is a commitment. Many people say they’re just as committed to their partner without marriage; but if that’s the case then I’m not sure they’re actually against marriage. If a relationship is understood to be a commitment to be worked at, rather than something to be enjoyed while it goes well, then surely a public declaration, a legal seal and a promise before God are all good?

Marriage isn’t easy, of course! We’re all tempted to be selfish. We all suffer from insecurities which can lead us to be defensive, to assume the worst, and to put our own position first. However, with prayerful commitment and hard work, marriage can be a really beautiful thing.

The apostle Paul gives many helpful clarifications of how one must give oneself sacrificially to the other in marriage. Don’t be too quick to protect your own interests from this submission! For if both of you have the primary aim of promoting the other, supporting the other, loving the other and forgiving the other, then what more fulfilling relationship can there be!

Of course, marriages can go wrong, and then we must look to God, the great healer, to do his work of restoration in us. God’s grace extends to us all. However, we can also be encouraged by the wonderful testimonies of many marriages brought back from the brink.

Statistics still testify that the greatest happiness, health and security is to be found in marriage above other comparable relationships. Let’s promote it, work hard at it, enjoy it, celebrate it and support each other in it!

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