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Human trafficking  


More people are trafficked into slavery today than during the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade.

People are being bought and sold. Right here, right now. Men and women, boys and girls. A modern-day slave trade. A traffic in human beings. This means over 12 million people are being deceived or coerced into exploitation.

They are sold as prostitutes, mail-order brides, farm labourers, domestic slaves, forced beggars, child jockeys, plantation workers, child soldiers, and more. 80% of them are female, and 50% are children. So the typical victim is a teenage girl.

A friend offered Elena, from Lithuania, a job selling ice-cream in England. On arrival in London her passport was taken and her so-called friend sold her to a criminal gang. She was taken to Birmingham and forced to work as a prostitute in a brothel. She was sold seven times in three months, her price decreasing each time, before escaping and running to the police. She was 15 years old.

No country is left unaffected. People are trafficked from source countries, through transit countries, to destination countries. Victor was trafficked from Mali through Guinea to Côte d’Ivoire, where he was enslaved on a cocoa plantation making the chocolate that we enjoy eating. He was 12 years old. At least 12,000 children are trapped in this way, producing nearly half the world’s cocoa.

This traffic in people is the fastest growing form of organised crime in the world, and the second largest after the arms trade. Human traffickers’ profits are over US$1,400 a second, whilst the victims themselves are sold for as little as US$40 each. Enough is enough. It’s time to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global coalition of over 800 member organisations, from faith organisations to corporations, charities and community groups. We are working in over 50 countries around the world to prevent the traffic in people, protect the trafficked, and prosecute the traffickers. We are raising public awareness of human trafficking, raising pressure on authorities to act, and raising support for grassroots projects that are helping the victims. You can help us to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

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Pray: Lord God, it is a disgrace that your children are traded and exploited in this way. Please intervene on behalf of all those who suffer, and help me to find a way to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Sign the online global declaration, which will be delivered to the United Nations at the end of the year

Watch a viral video about human trafficking

Spread the word, by sending out our short viral films on human trafficking to your friends and colleagues

Campaign for a TRAFFIK-FREE GUARANTEE, joining the Chocolate Campaign to ask that we be given a choice so that we don’t have to eat chocolate farmed by trafficked children

Support the victims, by donating either to projects around the world or direct to STOP THE TRAFFIK

Keep up to date, by regularly checking out STOP THE TRAFFIK's website

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