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Hearing God through the Bible  

Let God talk to you today through his word
Some things can only be understood by personal experience, no matter how much someone tries to explain—and a relationship with God is the same.

I could never subscribe to any belief system on doctrine alone—I'd have to have personal experience of its god: that god would have to speak to me, and want to be in a relationship with me. With God, I have that—but it’s hard to explain to others exactly how God speaks! The Bible is just one way, but if you think it’s just a weighty religious manual, think again. The best way I can describe its power is to say it has a supernatural quality (fanciful as that sounds). And reading the Bible is certainly not a one-way process.

It can be hard to settle down to a big book like the Bible; believe me, I know! But when I do open it, I remember all the times it has given me a spiritual response. It will do the same for you, if you first come before God humbly and in prayer.

For example, your regular Bible reading may seem strangely relevant and insightful to you on a particular day. Or you’ll be sitting in church and will get an overpowering feeling that the Bible readings and sermon—although planned months in advance—are for your benefit alone (and they are, thanks to God’s intense personal interest in you!).

At times when I’m feeling particularly in need, I ask God to speak to me, and just let the Bible fall open. Time and again, the place where my eye falls is an incredible answer; relevant, comforting, inspirational. I’m often moved to tears by an overwhelming sense of God’s closeness and compassion; it’s happened so frequently, so precisely, there’s no way I could call it coincidence. This method is perhaps not for everyone, and some Christians say you shouldn’t use the Bible this way, but God has always honoured it in my case—if it’s good enough for him, who am I to argue?

When my husband was about to become a Christian, he received a spiritual gift. Whenever he asks for it in prayer, he sees a Bible verse in his mind’s eye. He looks it up, and finds God’s response. Sometimes it’s to do with his own life; sometimes it’s about someone else, so he shares that passage with them. And before you say, ‘Ah, but he knows the Bible, so he’s just remembering bits!’, the first time it happened was on an Alpha course, when he was clinging onto his atheism. He suddenly said, “Is there a book in the Bible called Job? I need to look something up.” Some of the passages he gets are quite obscure; some are very short, but they have always spoken powerful guidance into a very precise situation—and although I know God deals uniquely with each of us, I’m rather envious of this gift!

The Bible is a living document, as much the word of God today as it ever was. Discover for yourself how God will use it to speak to you.

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Pray: God, you may know me but I don’t know you very well yet. But I’d like to hear from you, and to find out how you can speak to me through the Bible. I know communication is a two-way thing, so let’s begin to develop a relationship. I’ll try to pray and to read your word—will you help me along as I get started? Thanks, God. Amen.

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