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The character of God  

God is beautiful and vibrant

How to describe someone who, by definition, is beyond our understanding? It’s hard enough to describe my own children; as soon as I spot one trait in them, they act in the opposite way! Anything I might say to describe God’s character is probably already the subject of many books.

But what is God like? What do we know about him?

He is all-loving. What is love? The book of 1 Corinthians says, “Love is patient, love is kind… love never fails.” He is all-powerful: he can do anything, and nothing is beyond his control. He is all-knowing. He is faithful.

But it’s too easy to reel off such sentences. What do they mean? For me, they mean this: That I wake up, every day, grateful for the life he has given me. I give thanks for all the good things in and around me which could be snatched away in an instant, and which I owe to God’s creating hand.

I can turn to God about anything, large or small. God is concerned for my stress when I need a parking space, and at the same time he is passionately concerned for the world’s poor and nations’ conflicts.

God doesn’t try to trick me, or pay me back. He doesn’t want to see me fail, or to let me down just to prove I need him.

I often visualise God as a king, in a heavenly throne-room, with me sitting on his knee. He delights in me; he loves me to be there. He doesn’t see me as wasting his time. We don’t have to talk—we can just be. Somehow, I must balance my wonder and respect for him as king and creator with the relaxed intimacy of him as daddy and best friend.

He is our Saviour and Lord—and this is true for you too, if you choose to turn to him.

God is also Jesus, who loved the unlovable, accepted the unacceptable. He brought healing to the sick, life to the dead, freedom to the captives. He spoke with authority and commanded over nature and evil. He is interested in the very heart of people and in meeting their deepest needs. His mission is salvation of the world, and new life to all who would receive him, yet he also understands practical, everyday human needs. Jesus wept. Jesus had sorrow and anger. Jesus did not like religious hypocrisy. Jesus was willing to go through the agony of death on a cross because his love for you and me is so great that he followed this, the only, route to complete forgiveness and restoration for us with God.

God is also the Holy Spirit. He is comforter and guide. He will lead us into all truth. He is with us always.

There is always more to discover about God, and it’s not just head-knowledge. He is a personal God, someone to get to know and with whom to enjoy the most amazing of relationships!

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