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Background info: the internet

Why put a church on the internet? Well, the ownership of home PCs and internet connections is growing massively. Many homes have more than one PC, and people use the internet from systems at work, in education, and in airports and cafés.

The internet is a ‘safe’ place to be, in that no one need know you’re going to church—you’re not making a statement in the same way as walking through the doors of a church building. There’s a standard, well-understood way to deal with websites, and many people may feel more comfortable there than in new social situations. It’s open 24/7, and you can go when you’re ill, unable to sleep, at home or away, in the house or at work.

Facts & figures

  • Out of the 6.6 billion of us worldwide, 1.1 billion are ‘online‘.The Guardian, 14 June 2007
  • 300 million people worldwide access the internet via fast broadband connections The Guardian, 14 June 2007
  • China is catching up fast with 56 million broadband connections. Western Europe is still the most wired (77 million across 10 countries) but South Korea has the highest proportion by far—nearly 90% have home broadband against 55% in the UK. The Guardian, 14 June 2007
  • By the beginning of 2006, Britain [had] inched ahead with 9.8m [broadband] connections… The UK now leads Europe… having now overtaken both France and Germany. MacUser, January 2006
  • Keeping pace with technological change by owning a home computer is seen as a top priority for one in five Britons... More than 20% of adults see owning or using a computer as important to their lifestyle; only 12% regard mobile telephones as important. BBC
  • The number of personal computers worldwide is expected to double by 2010 to 1.3bn machines... Up to 8 million households will have broadband by 2008. BBC
  • An estimated 13.9 million households (57%) in Great Britain could access the internet from home [in Q1] 2006. This is an increase of… 26 per cent since 2002… 69% of households with internet access had a broadband connection. National Statistics

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