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The 'search' box (top right) will search Church on the Net for articles containing the world or phrase you're looking for. If you don't find what you want, try adding or removing a plural to/from your word/phrase. If you still don't find it, please let us know—it may be that we need to add another article!

Explanations of jargon
We don't much care for jargon, and have tried to leave it out of the site. We've also included a ' jargon buster' (right-hand column), a facility to look up any Christian words you don't know. Click on that, enter your text, and if it's in our glossary we'll explain it. If it isn't there, let us know and we'll see about adding it in. Also, please tell us if we've allowed any incomprehensible jargon to creep into our site!

About Christianity
Use the Reference section (see left-hand menu) for a set of permanent articles, each with Going Deeper links to other websites. These articles explain what Christians believe, how they worship, and how they try to live their lives.

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Each Sunday, we publish a 'thought for the week'-style article via the homepage. You can see a brief summary on the homepage; click on the little green box to read the whole article. You could try pondering this article, and challenging yourself with it, each week.

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After they are published, all weekly articles get archived. You can look through the archive page, or you can search using the search facility (top right of every page).


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