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  • Reference section (left-hand menu) offers explanations, answers or perspectives on many issues relating to Christianity, including common and difficult issues.
  • Article of the week (introduced in the central section, with click-through to the full article) a weekly address, updated every Sunday, exploring the Christian faith and how it is lived out on a daily basis.
  • CotN Community (right-hand menu) an interactive area where visitors can engage with the site and one another through forums and blogs.

Going deeper
Weekly and reference section articles all include Want to go deeper? sections at the end of the text. These refer you to related prayers, music, videos, art, humour, other websites, and books for further reading. Books and music are usually linked to Amazon and iTunes, respectively.

Bible references
Where you see (OT) or (NT) against a scripture reference, this means that the passage is taken from the Old Testament or New Testament, respectively. Bible quotes are all taken from the New International Version (NIV), © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society, unless otherwise stated, and usually contain links to Bible Gateway, where you can read them for yourself.

Search facility
You'll find this at the top of your screen on the right. Enter your keyword/s and we'll search the whole website for articles in which they appear.

There's a facility to look up any Christian words you don't know. The right-hand column of our pages has a link called 'Look up jargon'. Click on that, enter your text, and if it's in our glossary we'll explain it.

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