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Shout! The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed, Hallelujah! 12/04/2020
Distancing 05/04/2020
Strange Times 29/03/2020
Risky World 22/03/2020
Virus 15/03/2020
When trouble comes 08/03/2020
Is religion the problem? 01/03/2020
But who made God? 23/02/2020
A second chance at life? 16/02/2020
The faith of an engineer 09/02/2020
Dark matter: a matter of faith 02/02/2020
What's inside? 31/01/2020
Singing in the Rain? 26/01/2020
Fear? 19/01/2020
Finding God 12/01/2020
Pilgrims 05/01/2020
Dawn 29/12/2019
Manifesto 22/12/2019
Voting today 15/12/2019
New Year? 08/12/2019

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