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About Church on the Net

For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. Jesus in Matthew (NT) 18:20

Church on the Net is aimed at people who are not already engaged with the Christian faith. Its purpose is to bring God and the idea of church into their comfort zone, providing a safe and self-directed way to find answers to their questions about Christianity.

Atheists, agnostics, searchers and members of other faiths are all welcomed here. Open 24/7 and accessible from all over the world, the site explains core Christian beliefs and uses the internet to direct people towards further study and items of interest.

Should anyone wish to explore a developing belief in God, they are encouraged to join a physical church near to them, where they can experience Christian fellowship and discipleship.

Church on the Net can also be useful to Christians who can’t get to church, for whatever reason, and to those who may want to go back to church after a long absence.

The site is divided into three major parts:

  • a weekly address, updated every Sunday, exploring the Christian faith and how it is lived out on a daily basis.
  • a reference section, offering explanations, answers or perspectives on many issues relating to Christianity, including common and difficult questions
  • an interactive ‘community’ area, where visitors can engage with the site and one another through forums and blogs.

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Management and authority
Church on the Net was planted by Holy Trinity Ripon, a church within the Church of England, with the support of the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds. It is registered as a fresh expression of Church with Fresh Expressions. It is funded by Holy Trinity Ripon, the diocese, and charitable donations. Anyone who wishes to support Church on the Net should please contact us.

Editorial panel
Site content is provided by an editorial panel of theologians and laypeople drawn from within Holy Trinity Ripon, plus guest writers.

Why the apple core?
Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge, thinking it would tell them everything they wanted to know and make their life complete. In fact it broke their reliance on God. So, now that we have enjoyed the apple, why are we still looking for answers? What will fill that hole inside us?

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